CRYPTO 101 * Trading Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Welcome Crypto Newbies! If you are unfamiliar with the language of cryptocurrency and how this whole world of trading works – this video is for you! Join me as I explain the basic lingo and trading process.

I’m Rachel and my goal here is to give you a basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and help you get through the learning curve as quickly as possible so you can begin making informed decisions in your crypto trading.

The best way to have the conversation – just start. Open an account with Coinbase which is a very newbie friendly trading platform to exchange your dollars (fiat) for cryptocurrency.

💰 Open an account with Coinbase and get $10 of free Bitcoin:

Once you are ready to start buying alt coins, Binance or Kucoin are my favorite exchanges:



🔒 SECURE your Cryptos with Ledger:

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Of course, this is not financial advise. I am not a financial adviser. Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions regarding trading cryptocurrencies. Do not put anything into cryptocurrencies that you can not afford to loose. These are my opinions alone.

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