Cryptocurrency For Beginners – ParJar Overview & Walk-through.

Welcome To This Video – Cryptocurrency For Beginners – ParJar Overview & Walk-through.

I wish something like this was around when I first got started in Crypto.

ParJar is a social wallet which takes away all the normal headaches and confusion when starting out with Cryptocurrency.

ParJar allows you to send crypto to anyone with the swipe of a button.

Plus it has some awesome features which include:

Store Multiple Coins.

Instantly Share & Receive Coins Without Waiting & Without The Normal Fees.

Incredibly Easy To Set Up.

Active Community.

18 Coins Including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Civic & More

It is currently used in many telegram groups with the likes of Axpire, Civic, Ethos, Parachute and more.

If you are looking for a really simple and easy way to start storing and receiving crypto then ParJar is definitely for you.

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Cryptocurrency For Beginners – ParJar Overview & Walk-through.

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