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Top 3 Most Common Mistakes When Day Trading Cryptocurrency! | Crypto Investment Tips!

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I’m a 21 year old student and I’ve been trading for a while now, and made quite some amount of money with it. Check my videos where I talk and teach you on how to start trading! LINK TO THE MINING WEBSITE: https://minergate.com/a/11a69d8bac3528dd92bff881 I’ve heard about mining a million times, but never really took notice […]

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Easy Trading Tip For Beginners. (Real Time Trading)

With so many cryptocurrencies booming, it should be easy to make money. But, if you are like 90% of traders, you are losing your money. This small, but EXTREMELY important tip will help you make MUCH BETTER gains in 2018 than ever before! I hope this video helps you in earning profit in Cryptocurrencies this […]

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