BINANCE & BNB Tokens = $ Growth! MAKE MONEY on BNB TOKEN & Cryptocurrency HOT Tips

I use to only use BTC BITCOIN to store my stagnant trade money. Now I use BNB & BTC to store all my un-invested, excess funds. I use for BNB for swing trading and now it’s making me money while I sleep. The gains are excellent. If you day trade, learning or wanting to improve your holdings like we all do. I emplore you to check out BNB on binance. Links are below.

FREE $$$ – Post your BTC wallet address and a comment of when you bought in at what point and I’ll send free $$$ to one person when we hit 100 likes! I’ll post winner in the comments.


COINBASE REGISTRATION ($10 FREE): ________________________________________

Link to create a Binance account: Save 50% on trade fees! After registration, view referral section. ________________________________________

Feel free to donate some bitcoin! 13cw2tsvFoQ8Y9eDW84wHhLj6sgaeFFAmX ________________________________________


Step 1: Register on COINBASE: $10 Free Bitcoin (BTC) when you use this link and make your first $100 Bitcoin purchase on Coinbase!

Step 2: Register on BINANCE: (50% Discount on fees!) Check out this free app from Coinbase that lets you conveniently and securely store, and trade digital currency such as RIPPLE (XRP), VERGE (XVG), TRON (TRX) plus about 100 more.

Step 3: visit Sign in using your same credentials as Coinbase. They are the same company and no further registrations are necessary. GDAX offers free trades between coins offered on this site. RIPPLE, VERGE & TRON are not on this site yet and why you have to use Binance. This just makes the entire “getting started fast” process the cheapest, fastest, safest and most reliable.

Step 4: Transfer Credit to Binance from Gdax. Open Binance via website OR App from App store. Locate tabs on bottom of the application labeled FUNDS. Visit and click green deposit button. Use the top center dropdown tab and locate BTC (bitcoin) and select. Then, copy the “address” to your phone.

Finally: REOPEN Gdax website and locate and click WITHDRAW button. Paste your code from Binance to the BTC wallet / BTC address, enter the amount, type a note and click send. Delivery to your Binance wallet will take 2-5 minutes. It can take longer if the site is lagging. Don’t stress. Now you can trade. BTC for BNB Binance Token.

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